Diagnosis & Repair

In need of effective diagnosis & repair service for tech-built entities! Reach out to SupportBuddy techies on one call at 1-888-976-5633.


We provide wide-ranging diagnostic and repair services for almost all technology-infused devices like as computers and other related entities. The connected devices can be printing machines, web browser applications, security software, inter-networking tools like routers and other peripheral devices.

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    Get Software and Hardware Discrepancies Fixed
    The SupportBuddy professionals are expert in rendering diagnostic and repair services that involve software and hardware fixes. Therefore, hire them to get the glitches erased completely from computers and other associated tech devices and software applications.
    Resolutions to Compatibility Issues Available
    Compatibility issues are a part and parcel of computer hardware and the software variants. However, they need to be addressed as soon as possible, and none can better assist you than the reps from SupportBuddy.
    Recover Crashed Computers & Software Tools

    Damaged PC and corrupted software tools are of no use. Hence, the same needs to be diagnosed and repaired before the problem increases. With proper diagnosis and repair techniques available with us, the same can be prevented as well as cured.
    Identification of the Cause & Removal of the Issue

    Identification is a significant step involved in the eradication of the tech problems. With the help of our technicians get to the root cause and get the issues abolished right away in the restricted time period.

Why Choose Us

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    unlimited Support

    Whenever in need we’d be happy to help you, with SupportBuddy’s unlimited plans not only would you be able to call us as many times as you need, you would not need to pay every time you call.


    Manufacturer Independent

    Regardless of what brand’s product you own , SupportBuddy helps you resolve your issues, even if its custom made, Makes us one stop shop for all your computer related needs.

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    Remote Access

    We would ensure that you don’t need to run around to get your computer fixed, SupportBuddy resolves issues using remote access technology, you just need to sit back relax and let the technician do the job right at the comfort of your home.


    Subscription based services

    With various subscription based services offered by SupportBuddy, we would ensure we fit into budget and get you the value for your money.

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    High Resolution rate

    With high customer satisfaction rate and even higher resolution rate of 97%, we at SupportBuddy would ensure that you always go smiling.


    Certified Professionals

    Our Techies at SupportBuddy go through multilevel certification programs to ensure they are thorough to deal with any kind of issues regardless of the manufacturer of the product.

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    24*7 Support

    We are here for you 24*7, SupportBuddy will be there for you even on Christmas. We assist our customers for 365 days a year. We are just a click away from you.


    Average Wait time- 60 Seconds

    With an average wait time of 60 Secs, SupportBuddy has an efficient team of techies who make this possible by ensuring quick resolutions anytime and every time.

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    One Stop Shop

    SupportBuddy is a one stop shop to all your computer needs, whether you need solution to a computer issue or you need to buy a new computer we have it all.


    Free BuddyApp

    With BuddyApp we are just a click away, regardless of what part of the world you are at, with a simple click you get connected to us and we get on with the troubleshooting right away.

This is what our customers have to say.

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    Your tech worked very hard to fix issues, thank you

    Kenneth Forstie

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    Each individual I spoke with were all very patient with this little old lady but they manage in their way to explain what was going on and why. I appreciate your service and understanding that I am not a “”computer”” expert and have limited knowledge of same.

    Barbara Martin

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    Stay as you are. All technicians are great.

    Joseph R Dallas

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    I enjoy working with Preety. She is very knowledgeable friendly and efficient and I feel comfortable allowing access to my PC.

    Larry D.

  • testimonial-quotes

    Rashmi is a very good technician. She patient well-spoken professional and very knowledgeable about computers.

    Enrique T Mora