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SupportBuddy is one of the leading providers of technical support, assisting the end user to experience technology hassle free. Our teams passionately focus on driving end customer experience to be the best.

We empower our partners to new revenue sources by offering comprehensive technology service programs for consumers and small businesses. We offer packages to market, branding our partners with products designed exclusively to maximize impact on revenue and customer engagement by understanding customer needs and providing exceptional services to end users.

State of the art “SMART” platform (a bespoke customer relationship management tool and human resource management which can be easily customized to any new business model linked to it), enables us to live feed data that takes the business to a whole new level and enables it to be in real time dynamic change for optimum output.

Supportbuddy’s current undertaking of home user and small business segments include PC troubleshooting, optimization, network set-up, security, software set-up and support, user education and ennoblement, and many other offering. With the immense growth of social networks and Internet of Things staying connected has created a series of new service needs.

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