Privacy Policy SupportBuddy respects your online privacy, especially when you’re visiting our website – Therefore, we hereby come up with this online Privacy Policy, which tells how SupportBuddy collects, stores, uses, secures, and discloses the information or data provided by you. Here, “We” is a reference to the SupportBuddy, the service provider, whereas “You” is a reference to the visitor, reader, user, or customer.We’ve tried our best to keep this lengthy and legal document as simple as possible. Still if you need any help then contact us. Visiting our website through any mean, submitting your information to us, making a comment, or any other way to use our Services/Website automatically constitutes your acceptance of our Privacy Policy documented hereby.

1 – Types of Information, their Collection and Usage

1A – Non-Personal Information

We collect the technical data of your each and every visit at This non-personal information includes language, server logs of your visit, device information (hardware model, operating system, mobile network, device identifier), IP address, location information, cookies, duration of the login, logs of account activity, information collected through cookies/web beacons/pixel tags, user agent of browser, Internet Service Provider information, date/time stamp, etc.

We have also defined these terms below. Information retrieved through cookies and other technologies is a part of technical data or non-personal information except IP address, location, or other allied identifiers as sometimes they’re considered to be personal.

SupportBuddy and its affiliates use non-personal information or technical data retrieved at our web servers to check, know and understand the following

  • Number of times a user have visited our website
  • How much time he/she has spent,
  • Visited pages or used parts of our website,
  • Traffic sources,
  • Impact of web searches,
  • Effect of advertisement campaigns, and
  • Other user behavior factors.

Let us have a look on the technical terms.

1A1 – Cookie

A cookie is a very small piece of data transferred from our server to Your computer when You visit our Website.

1A2 – Web beacon/Pixel Tag

Web beacon is a small invisible object embedded in an email or web page that allows to check whether a user has viewed the page/email or not. Web beacons containing 1×1 pixels gif called pixel tags.

1A3 – Click Through data

On our emails, we often place a URL linked content or a URL to verify your registration with us in emails/Web pages/Advertisements and you can click on it to visit the mentioned URL after passing through our/third party’ Web server. This Click Through URL data is tracked to find your interest in different content/pages and to know the effect of our effort.

1B – Personal Information

Personal Information on our website is collected only when You provide it to us through registration with us, making a comment, or by filling the registration, contact us or another form. It basically includes the following

  • First name, middle name, and last name to address You,
  • Telephone number with an alternate number to contact You,
  • Postal and email address to communicate with You,
  • Demographic information like age, product preference, and personal interests to update our records,
  • Login credentials, security question and answer for account security, and
  • Other information not disclosed here for updating personal portfolio for Your account with us.

You’ve to provide us above personal information in order to take complete advantage of our services and Website. In some cases, IP address, location information, computer information and few other technical facts are classifieds as personal data; which are collected only when You visit our Website or use our services.

1C – Payment Information

If user wants to avail our services, then he/she is required to purchase a plan first by paying the Service Fee through Credit Card. A user has to provide these credit card details to SupportBuddy either through an online order form or via phone call with our authorized agent – account holder name, credit card number, expiry date, and billing address. We may share this data with our online Payment Gateway Merchant to proceed and verify the credit card for billing. After a transaction, we also get the details about payment, its mode, and other relevant data.

1D – Computer Information

After registration, we will ask for the information related to Your computer such as date of purchase, its model number, type of computer, make and model number, any identification number, its current condition, installed applications, attached peripherals, etc. This information is only required to offer you a better and personalized technical support service.

1E – Remote Chat

Our experts would take the remote access of your PC only in your supervision and presence. You’re required to be in front of your computer to let our technicians work. You’re also requested to close all the personal files and programs before initiating a remote chat with us. In any case, our technicians would not obtain to collect any kind of information without Your permission.

They even seek your permission to collect the technical facts like storage space available on your hard disk drive, make and model of a particular software/hardware, driver details of a device, etc. This information is required only to resolve your computer problems.

1F – Diagnostic Tools

SupportBuddy makes use of our own created or third party online diagnosis and/or repair applications. These programs may/may not collect different information while installing or using them on Your computer. Before installing any such application/device, our experts will seek your permission first . They will ask You to read the terms and conditions of a third party program and ask you click the box to agree with it prior to install anything on your PC.

The collected information about complete troubleshooting is stored in a document on Your PC and then it is transferred to our servers through a secured channel. We use this information to resolve Your computer issues only. Noteworthy that information collected by Diagnostic Tools doesn’t contain login credentials and users’ profiles on Your computer, any software, online accounts, email, and so on.

1G – Recordings & Log Files

Your each phone call at our numbers, our remote sessions on Your computer, Your emails, and Your chat sessions with our agents are recorded for the quality and monitoring purposes. In addition, Your usage of our services or visits at our Website create encrypted log files at our server. These items are required to

  • monitor the interactions between you and our staff,
  • improve our services towards by quality auditing,
  • to check what steps and things our executives have performed on your PC, and
  • to provide you a complete or summarized list of troubleshooting steps.

2 – Methods of Providing Support

We deliver on-demand technical support through phone and remote chat. On the phone, we would provide You the instructions and You’ve to follow them to fix a problem. Whereas, an internet connection is required for the remote chat in which our experts can access your computer remotely to perform troubleshooting and interact with you through a chat window. A user has to bear call and data charges on his/her own while taking our services through phone or internet.

3 – Surveys and Other Contests

SupportBuddy may conduct different surveys and contests to know the interest and feedback of its customers/users. It is completely voluntary to participate in these events and the decision to participate is solely depends upon You. These surveys may ask Your name, contact numbers, postal address, email address, and other demographic information. You must read the terms and conditions of the surveys and contests before taking part in it.

4 – Children’s Online Privacy

SupportBuddy, its Website, its services, and its other online items are not created for any person of less than 13 years of age. In simple words, SupportBuddy and its Website are not structured to attract, cater and serve children. We even don’t know the age of a user during communication through form, emails and chat, and during his/her visits at our Website. We ask for age, sex, and other factors only during the user registration only. Our executives are also trained to detect the voice of children on a phone call, but we don’t ask for the age of a new person or a registered customer again and again. We don’t register the customers and serve the persons under the age of 13 years.

As already declared, our servers collect the information of every visit to our Website, but they don’t know the age or sex of the visitor. We don’t knowingly collect the personal or non-personal information of children below the age of 13 years visiting our site as we don’t on real-time basis who is coming to us.

So we encourage the children to visit our Website, interact with us, or take our services only in the presence of their parents. In addition, Parents and Guardians are advised to keep an eye on the online activities of their children and assist them, especially related to SupportBuddy, its site and services.

5 – Information Security

SupportBuddy is committed to secure all kinds of information mentioned or not mentioned above. We take all kinds of protection mechanism like physical, technical, or administration to protect it from amendments, unlawful access, or disclosure.

5A – Online Security

All of the above along with sensitive information like personal data, credit card details, and computer information is stored on our Web servers in a purely encrypted format.

5B – Offline Security

In addition, we even take precautions to protect this data offline in our office. Only authorized executives like customer service representatives, technical support executives, or billing staff can access Your personal data, but only for a purpose to serve You.

Our staff has password protected computers, which gets locked automatically when they’re not working on it. They have to enter their login credentials again after returning to their consoles. All of our employees follow our strict privacy and security policies, especially when it comes to serve our customers. We continuously keep check and monitors the activities of our employees when they’re interacting with You through any mean.

5C – Your Initiative

When You post on a public platform at World Wide Web regarding SupportBuddy with a mention of Your name and other information, then the shared data would become public and is visible to others. In such cases, SupportBuddy doesn’t have any responsibility about this information disclosure as You’ve done it at Your own risk.

6 – Information Disclosure to Third Parties

SupportBuddy may/may not directly/indirectly provide personal/non-personal information to third parties in order to fulfill our promises towards You and to serve You better. Our Website and services may make use of third parties to collect some information, to process some task, or to serve You. In such cases, You abide by the Terms and Conditions of these third parties and information collected by them would be treated by their respective Privacy Policies only. We encourage You to go through their Privacy Policy and other documents to know more.

6.A – Sharing @ Social Media Networks

For example, when You use Facebook Like button on our Website to like our Facebook page/profile then

  • Facebook will ask us for information like URL at which You’ve clicked the button, time to click the button etc.,
  • Facebook will share with us information such as Your Like, increase in our like count etc., and
  • it even tells Your friends that You’ve liked SupportBuddy.

Similarly this is applicable for Google+, Twitter, and other social share buttons at our Website. It’s Your own sole decision to click above mentioned social sharing buttons. You’ve to abide by the privacy policies of the social media network being used at the moment.

6.B – Sharing Payment Information

In addition, we have to share Your personal data and payment information with our merchant to process Your credit card. Your acceptance to take our services and Your decision to provide us the credit card details lets to agree with the sharing of Your payment information and personal data with our merchant.

6.C – Sharing with Google

We use Google services to

  • do natural SEO (search engine optimization),
  • run paid advertisements,
  • add Analytics at our Website and Web services to know about our visitors,
  • let the users find us through Google search, and
  • have a blog on its free blogspot.

We may/may not share Your personal/non-personal information with Google for the above purposes. You should abide with the Google Privacy Policy in order to visit our Website, use our Google search results, Google AdCenter advertisements, and to read our blogspot blog.

6.D – Links to Third Party Websites

SupportBuddy may add the links to third party Websites for references and other purpose. If You click on such a link, then You will redirected to the third party Web portal after leaving our Website. In such a case, You would be governed by the Privacy Policy and other Terms of that particular Third Party Website. SupportBuddy will not have any responsibility of the actions or the results after Your visit to a third party portal.

6.E – Third Party Applications

Our experts may install third party software programs or drivers on your computer to resolve some certain issues. Or sometime you ask us to install a particular software or hardware component. In such a case, our experts would first seek your permission to proceed further and they require you to read the Terms and Conditions of the particular program and want you to click the checkbox to agree with the installation.

6.F – Others

SupportBuddy may share Your personal, non-personal or above information or a with law courts, government authorities, legal cases, or requests from public masses coming from Your residential or other country. This is because SupportBuddy has to abide by the law of the courts and Governments of different countries.

We may also share Your non-personal/personal information with third parties disclosed or not disclosed above to offer You promised services, for reduction of credit risks & fraud protection, and in case of sale, transfer, or merger.

7 – Storage, Integrity and Deletion of Data

SupportBuddy would retain both personal, non-personal and above information till the time we fulfill all the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Technical data/non-personal information described above is deleted from our Web servers from time to time but still again there is no defined time period for the same. However, SupportBuddy stores all Your personal, account, payment, and above information except technical data till the time You are our customer and some time even after that seeing Your track record with us. We can delete all above information when you cancel/terminate our service agreement and/or request us for the same. Deletion of any kind of data or information can also happen if it is required/ordered by the court of law or similar legal authorities.

8 – Accuracy of Personal Information

SupportBuddy is also committed to keep Your personal data with us correct and accurate. For this, You are required to inform us immediately about any change in Your information with us like telephone number, email or postal address, credit card detail, etc in order to offer You a personalized service.

9 – User Options

Visitors of our Website are abiding by this Privacy Policy and our customers are abiding by Service Agreement. One can contact our customer service executives to access, retrieve, modify or update his/her personal data with SupportBuddy.

For deleting Your personal data, You have to cancel the Service Agreement with SupportBuddy and authorize us for the same. Noteworthy that the information, files, and other data stored in Your account cannot be retrieved back after deleting it once.

We encourage the use of InPrivate Browsing or Incognito Window in Your computer’s web browser while visiting our Website if You don’t want our Web servers to save cookies and other technical data on Your PC. However, still our Web servers would maintain a record of Your visit to our Website along with other technical data mentioned above. Read the terms and conditions of Your Web browser before using this hidden mode.

10 – Updates

SupportBuddy reserves its sole rights to do any modification in this Privacy Policy without any prior notification to You. We would update the Privacy Policy whenever we feel it necessary because of any reason. However, we will highlight the changes with different formatting on this page. We also encourage the users and customers to visit this page regularly to notice the updates.

11 – Questions and Doubts

SupportBuddy always welcome the customers’ feedback, queries, questions, and critics regarding our services. In case of any doubt or question about this Privacy Policy, contact us.

12 – Opt Out or Unsubscribe Option

If you would like to unsubscribe, please send email to [email protected] or call us on 1-888-976-5633.

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    Each individual I spoke with were all very patient with this little old lady but they manage in their way to explain what was going on and why. I appreciate your service and understanding that I am not a “”computer”” expert and have limited knowledge of same.

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    I enjoy working with Preety. She is very knowledgeable friendly and efficient and I feel comfortable allowing access to my PC.

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